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- Compatible with different webradios and icecast/shoutcast. - It's possible to save or preformat input data, and start immediatelly. - Files are written in comma separated values, easy to edit and import in spreadsheet software. New functions are available: - Support of cPige Crack Mac Backup - Builtin support for LastFM. - cPige Activation Code can be started with /opt/pige/bin/cPige Serial start to start cPige Free Download on 1 day or several day, with or without webradio. - cPige allow to import the structure of the cPige's xml files into an mdb database in a easy way. cPige can generate a xml file structure from mdb database. User's feedback: - We can configure period of data backup. - It's possible to configure the format of the output file. - it's possible to send customized and/or animated Desktop icon. - it's possible to set start data in seconds from now (time current data). - cPige allows start just after webirc. - many more... Added : backup support Added : Caster information to webradio xml Added : cPige save information when script is running Added : cPige supports LastFM Added : cPige has new function to use log/db Added : cPige can generate mdb database of it's own from xml file Added : cPige has new function to start with -start days Added : Caster information can be stored in both of the format Added : cPige can generate mdb from xml with extention of.xml Added : backup support can be set Added : add ability to restart your cPige when it's running Added : Now cPige can listen to webradio 1 day (2004800 seconds) Added : cPige can read the cPige logs/db Added : cPige support configuration of data type Added : it's possible to set the maximum of data to be logged Added : cPige can now listen to live webradio Added : it's possible to configure the time interval between 2 recordings Added : cPige can change the output file format Added : it's possible to import a cPige backup structure into a mdb Added : Default value a5204a7ec7

cPige is a small script that let you listen to a webradio, and keep stream for 1 day. * It'll be useful if you want to keep a radio online, with a script. * It's also useful if you want to keep a radio online for a year (1 day at a time). * Moreover, it allow you to keep more than 1 day of streamed radio. For more than 1 day of streaming, just increase the number of files. Note: If you want to keep a radio for only 1 day, don't reorder your files, and let cPige reorder them for you. * cPige will work with shoutcast. If your site is an icecast server, shoutcast can take some time. If you want cPige to work with icecast, you need to use the shoutcast:// method. Since version 1.4, cPige no longer works on localhost. Please, contact me on Skype before requesting help. Thanks to all the staffs! cPige 1.5.1 fixed the issue where cPige was not working as it was supposed to, on servers that use Basic authentication. Since 1.3, it's possible to use multiple interval to choose on which minutes cPige should cut the file. If you don't add any interval, cPige will automatic choose one for you. cPige 1.5 is not able to work as it was intended. This plugin was written with the "Expiry date" for the datadict list, in the idea of using a script. This was my fault. The datadict is deprecated, and I didn't take time to notice. So, I'm gonna change the way cPige works. The plugin has to be integrated directly into the datadict. I will write a new version soon. In the mean time, you can download the current version with the "see also" link. This version will keep working for the old scripts, but you'll have to edit them if you want cPige to work for you with the new cPige. cPige 1.4 is more flexible. It now allows you to backup more than 1 day of a radio. Updates will be posted soon, just hit the "see also" link. cPige 1.3 is here. It will

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